Drug Center Pharmacy
About Us

Drug Center Pharmacy

Drug Center Pharmacy is a chain retail pharmacy consisting of 10 branches distributed all over Amman, the Capital of Jordan.

The company’s mission is to provide its customers with medicines, cosmetics, medical devices, and everything related to the body care at any life stage whether it is from local or international venders.

The company’s vision is to be one of the best pharmacies in Jordan by providing high quality products and services in competitive prices and to continue spreading by opening more branches.


  • Founded: February 2006
  • Organization: Privately held
  • Branches: 10
  • Employees: 90-100
  • Annual Sale: 7,000,000 €


General Manager

  • Dr. Ra’afat Abdulghani


Executive Manager

  • Mr. Ehab Abdulghani



  • ISO 9001:2008





  • Dalton for cosmetics (Germany).
  • Masculan for condoms (Germany).
  • Visiomed for medical devices (France).
  • Martini SPA for massage products (Italia).


Why we are special?

  1. Our branches are distributed very well and occupy vital places in Amman which guarantees the easy accessibility for all customers.
  2. Regarding the dispensing of the drugs we provide an excellent service by dealing with customers in a professional kind way and by giving the time and the consultation needed for every customer. To improve this service we have incorporated an isolated consultation room in some of our branches to give the maximum benefit and privacy to our customers.
  3. The prices of babies and mothers’ needs at our pharmacies are competitive, and we have beauty advisors who provide customers with free medical cosmetic consultations.
  4. Our pharmacists are well trained and prepared to hold their positions professionally. We applied a continuous training programs either internally or from external parts like the well-known pharmaceutical companies.
  5. We are socially active, our social activities are wide and diverse like visiting schools to give medical lectures to students, visiting doctors, and building good relations with the biggest institutions from different working fields.
  6. We issue a magazine called Drug Center Newsletter which contains advertising, introducing offers, discounts or gifts on the products. It has a good influence on customers and was spreadable and successful in raising the percentage of sales for its products along its past six years.
  7. Our departments are well organized and specialized, we have an IT department, a well-developed accounting department which uses the most updated technology to ease dealing with venders like sending massages to venders once their checks are issued, and a marketing department that deals with any activity related to the promotion of the company name and its pharmacies’ products.